What are oversized Haulage services London, UK?

Transportation of cargo like oversized haulage services London is a significant undertaking in terms of logistics. It becomes a particular challenge, especially when oversized transport is involved. It requires not only knowledge of regulations, appropriate permits, qualified staff, but also the organization of specialized road pilotage.

Oversized transport, oversized haulage services London – what is it?
Oversized Haulage services London is also described by other names – non-standard, oversize or large-size. Each of these terms refers to the transport of loads that exceed the dimensions or weight specified in the regulations of the standard. They are collected in the Road Traffic Act and it is enough for one parameter to be greater than allowed. Already then there is talk of oversized cargo. In addition, we can talk about it when the axle load of a vehicle or vehicle combination exceeds the standards specified for a given road – with or without a load.

The task of the pilot is to ensure traffic safety during the transport of oversized loads. It is also intended to minimize the difficulties that could occur during the entire operation. The need to use the remote control arises when one of the sizes specified in the relevant regulation is exceeded (for example, one vehicle must accompany the transport when the length of the vehicle is more than 23 m, the width is more than 3.2 m, the height is more than 4.5 m or total weight is more than 60 t). The pilot has special powers as he can issue commands and signals to other road users. He supervises oversized haulage services in London and, if necessary, directs traffic.